An appointment with the beauty # 14 ANTI-HOT EVENING RITUAL

Welcome back to this little corner of beauty confidences.

Today I would like to tell you about my personal ANTI-HOT EVENING RITUAL.

I would say that it adapts well both to returning from work with fatigue and stress to be relieved, and to holiday evenings after the sea or walks in the mountains; to prepare for the social evening or to enjoy a good movie alone on the sofa. Preparatory step: as soon as you get home, put in the fridge:




1step: take a 20-minute lukewarm bath in the tub with 2 tablespoons of Kaufmann ALKALI SALT - alternatively take a shower using Alkali Salt as a scrub on wet skin- < / span>

2step: after leaving the tub, dry well and spray the Rose Water Mist fresh from the fridge on the face, neck and décolleté

3step: apply St. Barth's firming ivy gel on the body.

Thanks to the natural extracts of ivy, algae and spirea, this gel has, in addition to a firming action, an effective draining effect on the lymphatic circulation. Visually reduces the swelling of tired legs: miraculous! (putting it cold from the fridge makes it extremely lustful!)

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4step: lastly, take Bakel's Cool Eyes from the fridge and apply it to the eye contour. After hours of mask, sun or any stress for this delicate area this light emulsion is a panacea! Attenuates bags, calms any redness and, thanks to a good dose of hyaluronic acid, relaxes the signs of the day.

Finish the ritual with your usual night cream and relax with an iced tea or a cold infusion of ginger and lemon ... Good evening, friends!

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